Lorna’s tips

I found presenting at PressED to be a hugely rewarding, if rather nerve-wracking experience! My top tips would be…. Edit edit edit – writing a presentation concisely enough to fit into 15 tweets is challenging. Start long and then edit edit edit. Make the most of the medium – add links, images, gifs and media to your tweets. This allows you to provide additional information for people to follow up, and can also make your presentation engaging and visually appealing. I used vintage film gifs in my presentation and it was a lot of fun.

Choose your tools – some presenters schedule their tweets in advance using a tool like Tweetdeck, others line them all up in a document and use copy and paste to live tweet them. I live tweeted, which made it a bit scary but also a really immediate experience. If you’re live tweeting, number your tweets in a document ready to copy and paste, and number your images and store them in a dedicated folder. Use the hashtag – and remember that it will cut down your character limit.

Attribute – if you’re using copyright images, remember to provide attribution, either in your closing tweet or link to a list of attributions online. Aggregate and archive – you can aggregate your tweets using Twitter Moments, or on your own blog, to save your presentation for posterity.

Have fun! – that’s the most important top tip


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