Bex’s tips

The PressED conference is a really innovative way of doing things, and is genuinely a lot of fun to take part in (especially if you want to present in your pyjamas!) The key to getting the most out of it is to prepare your presentation fully in advance so that you have very little to do on the day. That way, you can concentrate on answering questions and following relevant discussion threads without stressing about live Tweeting. It also makes sense to write your Tweets in advance so you can copy and paste them directly into Twitter from (for example) Word. This is key for ‘word perfect’ Tweets! Linked to this, I’d also suggest you number your Tweets so the audience can easily see where you are (and whether they’ve missed anything!)

TOP TIP! Schedule your Tweets in advance – that way your presentation slides will display automatically, freeing you up to read any related Tweets and answer questions. Here’s how to schedule your Tweets:

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