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Our presentation was a joint one (between myself and ), and we had to pull it together when we were both travelling extensively. In many ways I think that made the format a blessing in disguise – 280 characters plus an image isn’t too daunting, especially when you’re probably going to include a link in most tweets plus the hashtag. We were telling a story of 10 years of WordPress use on a Digital Education post-grad programme and each had a bit of the story to bring to the plate. We used a shared spreadsheet to pool ideas, get the thread of the story in the right order, gather relevant images. We iterated over it as we each passed through multiple time-zones until we got it to what we thought was the right story, with a tight focus. We tried to ensure each of the main “slides” included a link to provide more depth to what we were saying. Jen set everything up in Tweetdeck on a timer and that worked like a treat and after the fact I collected the tweets together in order on my blog so that it felt less like it was just a moment in time:

Digital Education and WordPress: an historical romp for #pressedconf18

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