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As always for a presentation, but especially for one via twitter, I started with finding a visual metaphor to tie together my talk “What the SPLOT is That? In this case, I played off of the mystery of SPLOTs being loosely quantified, much like the highway billboards that line Interstate 10 from texas to Arizona for a Mystery Thing. This provided a metaphor of road signs. What’s important for a tweeted talk is to provide links in most “slides” for more information or things to try, so it becomes a standalone resource. I set up mine as scheduled tweets in TweetDeck for about 1 per minute. I also suggest saving all of your tweets as a Twitter Moment, so they are able to be referenced as a “deck” of non-slides, and of course, to blog about it later in your WordPress blog. This helps too to provide credits and more detail that won’t fit in tweets.

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